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Our foodtainer product meets the demands of places that provide a restaurant type service in temporary or permanent locations, is extremely functional. Since our foodtainers reproduced in International container sizes of 20′ and 40′, they can be easily transported to any location of the world.

It is produced with the logic of plug and run by connecting electricity, water and waste water installations where it is located. Equipment like water system, generator systems, etc., which you can get optionally from our company allows foodtainers to be self-sufficient.

The construction of our product consists of painted DKP sheet metal, rock wool insulation, composite panel, stainless steel coating and aluminium floor. We mainly have hydraulic platform, semi or full shutter, terraced ad expandable models. Therefore it can be adapted to any concept with high-capacity devices.

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Food-Tainer kiosk type kitchens are manufactured in 20’ and 40’ container sizes.

Thus it can be easily transported to any part of the world, at any time. The Food Tainer products are preferred in places where it will be used for a long time unlike the caravan type kitchens. Thanks to its compact structure, without a need of a special flooring, it can be used and easily scaled on stone, concrete, parquet, etc. surfaces. It operates as ‘plug in’ by connecting on electric, dirty and clean water connections on located area.