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Mobile Kitchens


The following are some benefits of choosing a food trailer over a food truck or food cart:
  • Kitchen can be towed by any vehicle, so business does not need to stop for vehicle maintenance
  • Since the kitchen trailer and transport vehicle are not connected, the trailer can be dropped off at an event and the vehicle can be used to run errands during the event
  • Large size allows food business to cater large venues
  • Large internal blueprint provides ample space for full-sized equipment, ingredient storage, disposables, and cleaning supplies
  • Full kitchen means you can offer a multi-course menu, have a full staff, and serve several customers at once
  • Varying sizes allows you to find a food trailer in your budget and customized to your needs and specifications
  • Can be used as a secondary kitchen to expand on the space of an existing building or used as a primary kitchen during renovations/disaster relief
  • Mileage is not logged on the trailer, so you can continuously take it from location to location without worrying about depreciation in value caused by an increase in mileage


There are some downsides associated with concession trailers that are important to consider before making your purchase:
  • An external vehicle with a hitch is required to move the trailer, the vehicle also needs to be powerful enough to tow the trailer
  • Large size can make it difficult or impossible to maneuver down certain streets and can limit the number of parking locations available
  • Before moving the food trailer, it will need to be packed up and hitched back up to the transport vehicle
  • An external generator may be needed depending on the specifications of your trailer

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